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Cooper Birthday Week end

November 6, 2011

We were able to meet again this year and celebrate George, Kelley, Kim, and Jennifer’s birthdays at the first of August.

Landry gearing up for fun down at the Gill’s dock

Hal and Cindy built a really nice dock that has a 2nd floor you can jump off of.  They were so nice to let us take over their dock while we were down.  Kelley was about to jump and Landry just liked to go up there and watch the big kids jump down.

While the big kids were swimming Sutton enjoyed a nice nap

Landry didn’t give anybody much of a chance to open their own gift.  She was digging right into Kim’s before she even started.

Jared once again is after Kelley

Sweet picture of them two

Back to swimming

No more pictures mom!!!!

End of the week end family picture


She Likes to Hear Her Own Voice

November 4, 2011

There is no doubt we have girls that love to hear themselves talk or make noise.  Landry will talk to herself while looking in the mirror, while in the bath tub, while reading books, really any where.  I remember waking up to her when she was a baby just making baby noises and talking to herself in the middle of the night.  We have found that Sutton is no different.  The girl loves to hear her voice.  She does this happy scream/growl that I got on video one day.  And who said God doesn’t have humor….giving Jared three girls who love to talk!


Surviving the Hot Summer

November 2, 2011

As you can tell we spent most of our summer in the backyard watching Landry play  in the baby pool.  Sutton and I took a few dips in the pool too to cool off.

This was before I got her hat on and the sun was apparently in her eyes

After we took her out of the water she just talked and laughed.  It was so funny!  Got some good pics.

I had to join in the fun