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Early Videos of Sutton

October 26, 2011

When I was going through videos I found these two of Sutton.  I don’t think I posted them yet so I wanted to get them on the blog so we would have them.  She is wearing newborn outfits so I would say she was 6 weeks-8 weeks old.  H ow quickly they change.  Here you can see the early signs of her talking and the sounds have just increased. 




And The Matching Outfits Begin

October 23, 2011

I didn’t even realize they had almost matching outfits until I had them dressed ready to head to church.  It is getting easier now that Sutton can sit up better, but when these pictures were taken it wasn’t real easy to get them both looking at the camera without Sutton falling over

Got one of them to look at the camera

And there she goes…..

No smiles from Sutton but at least they were both looking at the camera….for the most part

Lake and Fireworks on the 4th of July

October 19, 2011

We spent a day out at the lake with family and then watched the fireworks at the lake in San Angelo.  Goodfellow Base puts on a great, free show!

 A nice picture of Kim jumping off of the top of the dock

Landry hanging on the dock with Gigi.  She would almost get in the lake and then chicken out.  She did let Jared hold her on the ladder and dip her in a little bit.  So slowly we are making progress.

Landry thought it was “so cool” that she could come watch the fireworks in her pj’s. 

Sutton is thinking, “Dad what in the world are we doing parked in this field?”

Baby girl crashed out before the show even started

Sutton Hanging Out

October 16, 2011

These pics were taken when Sutton was about 3  months old

Keeping the smiles coming

The last two Dr. visits she has had thrush so they painted her mouth purple.  She was our little purple people eater.  Her outfit was purple so her purple mouth and lips was a nice touch