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Sisterly Love

September 27, 2011

Pictures of the girls together

Just the little one

I thought this one was cute of them looking at each other


Pool Time at the Rochin’s

September 25, 2011

Mike and Carla were so nice to let us take over their pool one evening.  It was so nice after a hot day.  Sutton got to go for her first swim in a big pool.  She was mellow as ever…just enjoying it!

Heading across the street

She fit perfectly inside the floatie

Lounging in the shallow area

All cozy now

5 weeks after having a baby….of course I strategically placed the beachball there.  🙂

This picture is priceless

Random pics this summer

September 21, 2011

It seems very rare that Jared and I are in the pictures I have.  Mom was in town so she took this picture when I came home for lunch one day.

Wow!  An actual real smile

She loves to do any kind of painting

Jared forgot about the water in the pool this day so Landry had a VERY full pool!

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere 

Oh how we love that gummy smile!

Sutton surviving Landry

September 19, 2011

Words you will hear me say on a typical day.

  Landry I’ve told you don’t pick up your sister, Landry stop messing with Sutton , Landry watch out for your sister, No she doesn’t like you to put your face right in her face all the time.  And the list could go on.

  Sutton will be one tough cookie with a hands on sister like Landry.


Happy Birthday Jared!

September 18, 2011

Jared’s actual b-day was in the middle of the week and he had to work, so we tried to make his hour break a fun one when he got to come home.

Getting a little help with the candles

A big high five for 2 of them getting 1 candle blown out

Then a sweet birthday kiss from Landry

Chad and Misty come to visit

September 12, 2011

It was so great having Chad and Misty come to visit even if it was a short one.  Mom was able to come into town alittle bit before they had to leave so she could see them too.  I wish we could see them more.  Landry was so excited they were coming and would hardly let us get a word in.   Misty was a great help with Sutton to give me a break from feedings and changing diapers.  We love you guys!

Sutton warming up to Uncle Chad

This would be a thank you to Mr. Cooper for the wonderful picture

I asked Jared to take a couple of pics of Chad and me.  He did good on this one.

Then I tried to change locations of our picture.  Jared kept saying Lara you need to move over just a little bit…no just a little more and this was the outcome.  Nice one Jared!  Such a sweet hubby!!!

This must be his preferred position for the baby.  Doesn’t seem to bother her one bit.

Group Picture

Even though it was so hot outside Chad endured it so Landry could get in some bike riding

Picture taken courtesy of Landry.  Not so bad

Right as Chad and Misty were loading up Kevin and Emily came by on their way back to Austin.  It was so great to see her!  Thank you Emily for coming to meet Sutton and visit for a little while.  I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sutton’s Sip N See

September 11, 2011

Kim, Britney, Ricci, Shay, and Brandi were so nice to throw a Sip N See for Sutton.  I was talking more than taking pictures so only got a few.  Sutton was 5 weeks old at the shower.   Another big thanks for the fun get together.  Below is a picture of Laura (left) and Tara (right) who are co workers of mine and great friends!

Britney getting some cuddle time with Sutton

Ricci, Britney, me, and Kim,  Brynlee was not wanting to let her momma go for a picture

Jennifer and Cheba and Mom and Linda made the trip in from Midland.  It was Cheba’s time with Miss Sutton.

Bath Time for Sutton

September 9, 2011

Sutton is so mellow when it comes to baths.  She just hangs out even with big sister pouring water all over her or trying to make sure her feet are clean too. 

Landry helping me wash her off

Thats my girl…. starting to grin a little

Rewind…..Memorial Week end

September 7, 2011

We had a fun and busy memorial week end!  We started the week end out with a church get together on Friday, a cook out with friends on Sat., and finished off Sun. and Mon. at the lake with family.  Landry enjoyed staying on the go and getting to play in water all week end!  Sutton on the other hand got to stay in doors a lot of it because it was yet another week end over 100. 

Landry gears up to play in the pool at our Church’s lake house

George and Jennifer were in town so they came along to help out with the girls

Doing her best to stay cool in the shade

The white thing in the back ground is a huge slip in slide down a hill.  Can’t wait for Landry to get brave enough to try it

Saturday night at the Neal’s house.  Sutton and Syndi were not that bothered by the extreme heat.  Syndi is about a week older than Sutton

Silly Girl

Jerrie with Sutton and Steve with his sweet little Syndi

Landry eating with Miss Kennedi

If you couldn’t tell the wind was blowing so hard while we were at the lake, but what’s a little hair in the face going to do.

Kelley in mid cannon ball from the top of the Gill’s dock

Hunting for shells and other treasures

She found a few big shells which made it super exciting for her

Landry’s New Bike

September 6, 2011

We gave Landry her helmet before she got her new bike and really I don’t think she cared about a new bike at this point.  She was syked about the helmet.  Even in 100 degree weather she wore it all the time regardless if she was riding her old bike or not. 

Then a few days later she got her Tangled bike with training wheels.  It took a little while for her to figure out how to work the brakes but before long she was up and down the alley.  I mean what girl wouldn’t want a bike with a basket that had a brush and mirror in and pom poms on the handles!!!  We spiced it up with a Tangled bell she can ring too.  She is one cool 3 yr. old that’s for sure.