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Sutton Month 1-2, Part One

July 20, 2011

It’s hard to pick just a few pictures to post of her.  I know these weren’t taken that long ago but she is already so much bigger.  We just went for her 2 month check up and it was 2 weeks late b/c our Dr. went into labor but here are her stats.  12 lbs. (which is the 65%) and 23 in. long (which is the 75%).  I have another tall/long girl.  I looked up Landry’s stats at this point and they were exactly the same.  Crazy!!!  Sutton is such a good baby and we are loving that she is smiling and laughing at us now.  Most of these pictures were taken in May and early June.

This is the way I found her after one of her naps.  A little wiggle worm.

Sutton and Pawpa

I really like this picture of Sutton checking Ken out

Showing off her chins…plural

Jake can be quite protective over Sutton.  He will often just sit by her while she is in her bouncer or swing.  We love our Jaker Raker!

I’m 2 months old!!!!!  She just had to spit up on her shirt right before I was going to take her picture.  Well she still looks pretty darn cute!

Wearing her first pair of skinny jeans

Cozy in our bed

Landry’s bean bag is a perfect chair for Sutton too




Bang, Gigi, and Landry head to the zoo

July 18, 2011

I have to say I was really jealous I wasn’t on this trip.  Mom had come in town to help me get things in order for Sutton’s arrival and Landry got to go spend some time with Bang and Gigi.  She went on her first trip to the Abilene Zoo.  I can’t wait to go…..when the weather cools down.

This is the best part of the zoo I think because you can feed the giraffes

check out that tongue

and wrapped up the trip by going to a near by park

Easter Sunday

July 17, 2011

Jared’s parents joined us for church on Sunday and then my parents came in town in time for all of us to have lunch together.  Landry was pumped to find her Easter basket waiting for her when she woke up.  Jared gave me a hard time for putting Dora panties in her basket.  He said how exciting is it to get underwear!!!!  Well I informed him that for girls of all ages it is pretty darn exciting and she was super excited about them!.  Our first Barbie movie…..and I’m sure many more to come.

What a nice face

When did she get so big???  I just love this picture!

I love this one too

Time to hunt eggs in the front yard

Do you think she had enough eggs?  She needed 2 baskets.

Gran and Gigi helping dump out the goodies in the eggs


Easter Rewind

July 16, 2011

I was looking back at some of our posts and realized somehow Easter never got posted.  How did I miss that one???  So here is what our Easter looked like this year.

We went to the church’s Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  I had to keep encouraging Landry to pick up eggs.  She seemed to be happy with just a few but there was plenty for everyone so I pushed her to fill the basket.  She still wanted nothing to do with the Easter bunny.  We had to stay far from him. 

A week before Sutton came

She was just as excited about being at a park as she was hunting Easter eggs