Celebrating Texas Independence Day

My friend Kim invited us out to the retirement home she works out for a family bbq.  She was putting on a party for Texas Indpendence Day and was having pony rides for the kids, cup cake walk, and a free meal.  I was sold at pony rides and free meal. 

Here is Landry’s friend, Grace riding one of the ponies

Now that’s a nice face

We stood in line earlier to ride the pony but once it was Landry’s turn she chickened out.  She is quite the spectator I have found out.  Then when it was time to go she begged to ride the pony so we got in line again.  We were the last ride of the night and she was on the pony long enough for me to get this picture and for the pony to take about 3 steps and then she was done and wanting off.  The funny thing is when we got home she went on and on about how she rode a pony and how great it was!  And in fact she did ride one…for a minute or two.  🙂


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