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Surviving the Hot Weather

June 30, 2011

There is just not much you can do when you have 20 straight days in the 100’s except play in the water.   Water guns, Water balloons, and Landry’s pool have become our backyard entertainment this year.

Moving up to a bigger little pool

She loves for me to fill up water balloons but she wouldn’t dare try to throw them at someone and make them pop.  She puts them in her pool and waits for them to pop because it is so hot outside.  Jared and I on the other hand have enjoyed throwing a few of them. 

Hanging out on the patio


Playdate with Sam & Gabe

June 18, 2011

Landry and Sam are like brother and sister and have gone to Retha’s together since they were babies.  It is so fun to watch how they interact with eachother.  Landry likes to take care of Gabe just like she does Sutton.  We had so much fun having them over to play.  What adorable boys Vanessa and Ben have.

It didn’t take Sam long to find something that made noise

Gabe is just so precious!!!!

Landry was hoping Gabe would play baby dolls with her

Doesn’t get cuter than that

Snack time

Landry was there just in case Sam needed any help

Funny Book

June 12, 2011

Some of these are from last year too.

While I was pregnant with Sutton Landry would tell me all kinds of things that were in her tummy.  ” I have a turtle in my belly”, ” I have a dolphin in my tummy”, and my favorite was ” I have lunch in my tummy”.  As I got farther along she would say she had a baby in her tummy too and it would kick her and sometimes she would tell me her baby was crying in her tummy. 

I asked Landry for a big bear hug and she said, ” No not a bear hug a duck hug.”

We got some paper credit cards in the mail so I gave them to Landry to play with.  One night in the living room she went over to our entertainment center and slid it through one of the cracks and Jared asked what she was doing.  She said, ” sliding the card so money will come out”  like duh Dad this is how it works.  Really funny that our entertainment center was also a ATM.

Getting ready in the morning

Now here is the silly smile I’m used too

After Landry goes potty I will ask her did you wipe and her the other day was, “not today mom, tomorrow”.  As if it isn’t needed every time. 

Jared and Landry were talking about hunting and Landry wanted to know when she can go with him.  Jared said maybe next year, but what are you going to bring with you?  She said a fishing pole.  Maybe she will take a gun fishing.

Landry: Can Jesus come over sometime?

Lara:  Well he is already here with us.

Landry:  Where is he?

Lara:  Jesus lives in our hearts, so he is here with  all the time.

Landry:  Why he live in your tummy with the baby???

Landry came in while I was taking a shower when pregnant with Sutton and told me, ” Mommy don’t get the baby wet with hot water.”

Jared asked Landry if we should name here sister “Blue”.  Landry paused for a minute and said, ” No dad, I think she will be white.”

Landry was playing with her stethoscope and put it on Bang.  She said, ” I think your sick.  You’ve got the burps.” 


Videos of Sutton at 1 month

June 11, 2011

These videos are so we can look back and remember how little she once was.  I love looking back at videos of Landry and I just didn’t take enough, so even though Sutton can’t do any tricks yet, I wanted to capture just that.  


Landry and Sutton

June 10, 2011

First Bath and First Walk

June 9, 2011

Sutton not loving her first sponge down bath.  She seems to be fine with them now. 

Taking Sutton on her first short walk since it’s been so hot

Landry Playing Dress Up

June 9, 2011


One of her favorite princess dresses

Dancing with daddy




Short or long nap???

June 8, 2011

On a daily basis Landry will ask us do I need to take a short nap or long nap?  Her long nap is referring to going to bed at night.  This particular day she took a short nap and when I asked her why she didn’t sleep longer she told me because her bear needed to take a nap in her bed now.  Later I go in her room and found her bear all snuggled in her bed with her lamb and blanket and it just made me laugh. 

Putt Putt 101

June 7, 2011

I helped host a couple’s baby shower at the putt putt place here in town.  It was great place for the kids to play.  This was Landry’s first time to really get out there and play or attempt to hit the ball.  She did great, but I would say she could use some tips from her dad.   The most important thing is she looked while trying!!!!

Celebrating Texas Independence Day

June 4, 2011

My friend Kim invited us out to the retirement home she works out for a family bbq.  She was putting on a party for Texas Indpendence Day and was having pony rides for the kids, cup cake walk, and a free meal.  I was sold at pony rides and free meal. 

Here is Landry’s friend, Grace riding one of the ponies

Now that’s a nice face

We stood in line earlier to ride the pony but once it was Landry’s turn she chickened out.  She is quite the spectator I have found out.  Then when it was time to go she begged to ride the pony so we got in line again.  We were the last ride of the night and she was on the pony long enough for me to get this picture and for the pony to take about 3 steps and then she was done and wanting off.  The funny thing is when we got home she went on and on about how she rode a pony and how great it was!  And in fact she did ride one…for a minute or two.  🙂