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The Circus Was In Town

May 31, 2011

Ashley and Mason invited Landry and I to a night at the circus with some free tickets she had gotten.  Landry and Mason had a great time just watching.  Neither one of them were ready to participate, and we were ok with that. 


Fingerpainting Fun!!!!

May 25, 2011

Just 4 colors + some paper = an hour of pure entertainment!

Big Sis & Lil Sis

May 25, 2011

Jennifer made the girls matching t-shirts.  I’m sure this will be only the beginning of me putting them in similar outfits.

I can’t believe I managed to capture a smile after just one week. 

Brian, Kim, and the kids came down to meet Sutton and Kim got this great picture of the 4 cousins together

It’s Time To Bring Sutton Home

May 24, 2011

Sleeping so peacefully

It’s just fun to put bows on her even though I know she doesn’t love it

Loaded up and heading home

When we got home we had a gift for Landry from Sutton.  We had a card for talking about how excited Sutton was to have Landry as her big sister and then she got a new baby doll and carrier.  Of course it was a huge hit and often times Baby Sarah (her new doll) has to go in the car with us in her carrier. 

Carrying on the Mustang Pride

May 24, 2011

Growing up Chad and I went to Fannin Elementary which was just down the street from us.  I have such great memories from that school and met friends there that I will have a lifetime.  Several of our parents put together a highschool graduation party where we could all get back together with some of our favorite teachers.  We all were such a close group.  It really was the best elementary in my eyes at least.  Mom had saved our little Fannin t-shirts and gave them to me awhile back.  I found them as I was making room for Sutton’s clothes and realized they would be a perfect fit for Landry.  It was so fun to pass on my t-shirts to her and let her sport the green and white colors to carry on our Mustang pride!!!!

Bring on the Grandparents, Carley, and the Big Sister

May 23, 2011


We finally made it out of the labor and delivery and into our “luxurious” hospital room.  It was time for family to get their time on Miss Sutton.

Landry thought it was pretty cool is sit on mom’s bed at the hospital

As you can tell Landry got just as much time as any one else.  She wanted to be right next to “Her Baby” as she would say.  It took her awhile to start calling her Sutton and until she caught onto her nameshe  would say, Where’s MY baby?” or ” I need to hold THAT baby”.

Not only is Carley a super cousin, she is the best babysitter too!  If we lived closer to eachother she would be hired b/c Landry adores her and I know Sutton will too.

Pool Time Starting Early

May 20, 2011

We have had such a hot Spring with temps well into the high 90’s and 100’s.  I can’t imagine how this summer will be.  So the small backyard pool came out early this year. 

More Pictures of Meeting Sutton

May 20, 2011

Landry waiting at the hospital to come meet Sutton

I love this action picture of the two of them goofing off

Second child gets covered up already

Papa holding Landry up so she can see Sutton in the nursery

Landry LOVES her cousin Carley

Babies and Bean Bag

May 18, 2011

Way before Sutton got here Landry has been all about her babies.  She feeds them, changes their diapers regularly, and would ask several times a day when her baby sister was coming.  There is no doubt she has taken on the momma role to her baby dolls.

She was wanting to make sure her baby was wrapped like a burrito

What kid doesn’t love a bean bag?  Landry’s Bang and Gigi surprised her with one and she LOVES it!!!!

Videos of Landry

May 15, 2011

Landry likes to play this game where you pretend you are sleeping and she comes and gets you.  Heres a video of Jared playing along with her.

Landry singing for us after dinner one night