Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day started out at my parents house.  Landry got to see a few gifts before we headed to Brian and Kim’s house.

I was showing her how a sleeping bag worked.  I don’t think she really knew it was a mobile bed….and how awesome they are!

Now on our way out to Brian and Kim’s house for more fun!

She was getting prompted to practice her “Guns Up” by everyone but her daddy

She was more than willing to help open everyone’s gifts

Looking good honey!!!!

Jared and his brother are very different when it comes to snakes.  Brian had several of his snakes home with him over the Christmas break.  He is a science teacher and keeps several in his room at school.  Brian and Kim are holding ones from the school and Kelley is holding his pet snake that lives in his room.  Needless to say Jared, Landry, and myself didn’t even get close to them.  We just get so creeped out by them and Kelley would try to get close to Jared and he would just keep moving farther away.  It was pretty funny!

Back in the car to head back to my house for more excitement.  She wasn’t willing to let go of her new Strawberry Shortcake and just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  What a day and it was only noon.

Time to unload her stocking

She made pretty good on the stocking

We managed to set the camera to get a family pic.  We also got a good pic with the Cooper family so I’ll get that one scanned in soon.

Who knows when Ken will retire from Santa but I try to take advantage of being able to still sit on my favorite Santa’s lap.


One Response to “Christmas Day”

  1. Erica Says:

    Ahhh that’s my favorite Santa too!

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