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Big In 2010 Part One

January 31, 2011

Once again I have to say I have been really lucky to have a great hunting year.  It’s not luck at all really it is just that I have the best guide out there that sets me up on big deer everytime.  It doesn’t hurt that my guide is my husband so it’s a win win situation for me getting to spend some time with him.  I would like to explain “hunting” with Jared a little bit because he really wants to make everything perfect for me, and I can’t help but make fun of him some and give him a hard time.  Jared and I went on an evening hunt which you might think you would be hunting just in the evening, but oh no.  This particular day I was told to be ready by 2:30 in the afternoon to get ready to head out to the lease.  I know this is normal, but it still makes me laugh how I know I MUST be on time.  I’m often running a little behind and I can tell his is watching the clock every second.  Of course for me to go out all afternoon and evening I have to pack a travel bag practically, especially with being pregnant.  I have my variety snacks, water, diet coke, chapstick, and phone (on silent of course).  I wanted a chance to shoot Jared’s gun to see if that’s what I wanted to take in the blind with us.  Here is Jared setting up my target and his gun for me to do a few practice shots.

Of course I wanted to add a hunting date night pic too

Now we were ready to go get in the blind.  We made good time and would have about an hour and half before the feeder went off.  For all you non-hunters you have to park far from the deer blind and be very quiet getting out.  I have learned after many looks and “Lara be quiets” to shut my door as soft as I can.  This is also pit stop time because although Jared has some flexibility with going the bathroom in the blind I do not….not easy for me normally, but being pregnant makes it even harder.  So this is where learning to go on the side of the road helps.  So we gather up our gun, binoculars, my travel bag, flash light, and head on in.  I normally follow behind Jared as we hike to the blind and I do mean hike.  I know his legs are longer than mine but does he really have to walk that fast.  As I’m walking I’m trying to watch where I step so I avoid cactuses and things but also have to constantly be looking up to make sure a branch doesn’t hit me in the face as Jared passes it…..while keeping up with him and walking softly.  After what I feel is a 5 mile walk we reach the blind and get settled in.  This is where I set up camp.  I get snacks out so I don’t make a lot of noise opening them, get my gun in place, phone where I can see it so I can check time, temp, and well calls and e-mails too.  Then we wait and watch.  I truly do enjoy this time because it is soooo quiet and you really do get to relax and just enjoy what you see.  As I said earlier Jared is a great guide.  He is out at the lease all year really but has cameras up from July on so he knows the deer that are out there.  It amazes me how he will remember deer from the last few years and be able to tell me which ones they are or which sheds we have of their antlers at home.  He had already prepped me on this nice 8 that has been coming into the feeder.  The great thing about this lease is that there is no doubt we are going to see deer.  There is always deer to watch and you just hope the right ones come in.  The nice 8 came in pretty early and I had a chance to watch him for awhile.  We have 3 alley ways that feeders are set up on so I have a chance at several directions.  My big 8  finally started on the move and headed towards the feeder closes to us.  At this point I had decided I was going to try to get a shot on him.  There were several other deer around so I had to wait for a clear shot.  I have always waited till the deer turn broadside (meaning sideways really) but this one just didn’t quite want to do that.  I am now so much more confident in my shooting that I wanted to take the shot anyway.  He was slightly turned sideways but still facing towards us too and I told Jared I was taking the shot.  The sweaty palms had set in and my heart was just a pounding away.  The adrenaline rush you get is really unexplainable unless you have done it.  I made the shot and Jared watched him go.  I felt like I had a good shot on him but wasn’t sure if I hit too high on the shoulder.  Now you have to anxiously wait even though you are all pumped up and ready to go find your deer.  You give the deer time to settle in before you go look for him.  Now what my sweet husband didn’t tell me was that on although his 257 Weatherby had no kick and really made me feel comfortable he had a muzzlebrake on it which makes it kick less but extremely loud.  Like ringing in my ears for days.  At this point I kept telling him I was hearing something in the bushes but really I think it was just that I couldn’t hear at all.  Some ear plugs would have been nice or a heads up that I wouldn’t be hearing for a week.   Needless to say the ear plugs came with us on the next hunt.  We loaded up all our stuff and went on the hunt for the Big 8.  We found some blood droppings right away which is a good sign and it wasn’t long before we found him.  I always have Jared go first and check things out.  I’m not ok with the deer still moving or having the chance of him getting up at the last moment.  I think that would freak me out too much.  All was good and I got to go really check out my deer.  I made a perfect shot which made me proud since it was a harder shot for me than normal.  So here is my first deer of the season…..My Big 8.

This was yet another great hunt with Jared.  He really tries hard to give me the best experiences and always brags on me to others about my hunt.  I love it that he loves going with me so much.  I couldn’t ask for a better date night.


Landry’s Funny Book

January 30, 2011

I was told by several people you need to write down things Landry says because you will forget them.  Laura had a book for Beckham and now Sadie Piper that she would write in and so I started one for Landry.  I haven’t written down as much as I would like but I try to.  Here are a few from the beginning of the book which was when she was 2. 

When I would give her something she would respond with “Thank you and your welcome”

We were walking down the alley and she saw some tar on the pavement.  She said. ” Look chocolate on the street”

She calls Jake’s tail his pony because it is like her pony tails.

One morning on the way to Retha’s she said, ” Mommy the sun got up and moon went night night”

In the fall when driving to Retha’s I’ll take a longer way sometimes so we can look for deer.  One morning I asked her if she wanted to go look for deer and she said, ” no I want to go hunt deer”.  I guess she needs to talk to her daddy about that one.

When she was learning to count Jared would tell her count to 3 for me.  Every time she would say,” 1,5,8″.  Hey at least she was getting in 3 numbers.

Landry was repeating a prayer after me and I said “Thank you God for our many many blessings” and she said, ” Thank you God….pause…..Amen”

Conversation on the way home from Retha’s.

Landry: Look at God’s clouds.

Lara: They are God’s clouds

Landry: God jumps on them

Lara: Who told you that God jumps on clouds?

Landry: I talked to him

Lara: You do

Landry: Yes, He’s sweet!

Lara: God is sweet and He loves you very much

Landry: Ya!  And He’s a boy.

Christmas Day

January 30, 2011

Our Christmas Day started out at my parents house.  Landry got to see a few gifts before we headed to Brian and Kim’s house.

I was showing her how a sleeping bag worked.  I don’t think she really knew it was a mobile bed….and how awesome they are!

Now on our way out to Brian and Kim’s house for more fun!

She was getting prompted to practice her “Guns Up” by everyone but her daddy

She was more than willing to help open everyone’s gifts

Looking good honey!!!!

Jared and his brother are very different when it comes to snakes.  Brian had several of his snakes home with him over the Christmas break.  He is a science teacher and keeps several in his room at school.  Brian and Kim are holding ones from the school and Kelley is holding his pet snake that lives in his room.  Needless to say Jared, Landry, and myself didn’t even get close to them.  We just get so creeped out by them and Kelley would try to get close to Jared and he would just keep moving farther away.  It was pretty funny!

Back in the car to head back to my house for more excitement.  She wasn’t willing to let go of her new Strawberry Shortcake and just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  What a day and it was only noon.

Time to unload her stocking

She made pretty good on the stocking

We managed to set the camera to get a family pic.  We also got a good pic with the Cooper family so I’ll get that one scanned in soon.

Who knows when Ken will retire from Santa but I try to take advantage of being able to still sit on my favorite Santa’s lap.

Christmas Eve with family

January 13, 2011

I’m only a few weeks behind.  The month of December was kind of a blur as we have all been sick and it has lasted a long time, so finally we are feeling better and ready to get back on track.  Here are some of our pictures we took on Christmas Eve.  Landry and I went to the children’s Christmas Eve service with George and Jennifer and then the Cooper families all met back at their house.  Jared’s trip to Midland was less than 24 hrs. but we enjoyed him while he was there.

We love the loud gifts grandparents love to give.  A little flute for Landry.

A late night snack before bedtime