Landry’s 3rd Birthday Party

Laura helped me with the invitations to LJ’s party.  Well really she did everything.  I just picked out the pictures.  Thanks Laura for always coming to my rescue.

This is the night before her party when she got to open the big box from the Hough family.  She is already wearing the skirt that was in there and still digging.

Princess chapstick…..YES!!!!!

Thank you Hough family for all the great birthday gifts!!!!

And you can’t get a floor puzzle and not put it together right then

It turned out to be a nice day outside so of course playing out on the swing set was where the kids wanted to go first. Mason sliding!

Landry and Maci

Now onto making Christmas picture frames

Kim and Britney getting in some mommy catch up time

Hilary and Annabelle….she was dressed as a precious little elf

We kept this game simple.  Pin the nose on Rudolph without the blind fold and spinning and still the nose didn’t end up in the right place several times.

Landry seemed to think she needed to assist the others I guess

Cupcake time!!!  I was proud to say I made all the cupcakes this year….not promising that next year.  🙂

She became really shy when everyone starting singing to her.  Jared had to finally blow the candles out for her.

Then the door bell rang and there was Santa.  Lane was just precious when talking to him.

Landry wasn’t crazy about the idea of sitting on Santa’s lap so we moved on to opening gifts.

It was a great party and so nice to have family and friends there!


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