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Long day

December 23, 2010

Last Sunday Landry didn’t get a nap after church because she came with me to my open house.  Once we got home and I was cooking dinner I realized it had gotten really quiet in the house.  I found little missy curled up on the chair sound alseep.  And she tells me she doesn’t need naps.


New turtle sandbox

December 21, 2010

Thank goodness our winter has been almost like spring this year, because with a new swing set and now a sandbox in the backyard Landry wants to be out there all the time.  Landry’s Bang and Gigi got her this great sandbox for her birthday and it has been a big hit!

Landry’s 3rd Birthday Party

December 20, 2010

Laura helped me with the invitations to LJ’s party.  Well really she did everything.  I just picked out the pictures.  Thanks Laura for always coming to my rescue.

This is the night before her party when she got to open the big box from the Hough family.  She is already wearing the skirt that was in there and still digging.

Princess chapstick…..YES!!!!!

Thank you Hough family for all the great birthday gifts!!!!

And you can’t get a floor puzzle and not put it together right then

It turned out to be a nice day outside so of course playing out on the swing set was where the kids wanted to go first. Mason sliding!

Landry and Maci

Now onto making Christmas picture frames

Kim and Britney getting in some mommy catch up time

Hilary and Annabelle….she was dressed as a precious little elf

We kept this game simple.  Pin the nose on Rudolph without the blind fold and spinning and still the nose didn’t end up in the right place several times.

Landry seemed to think she needed to assist the others I guess

Cupcake time!!!  I was proud to say I made all the cupcakes this year….not promising that next year.  🙂

She became really shy when everyone starting singing to her.  Jared had to finally blow the candles out for her.

Then the door bell rang and there was Santa.  Lane was just precious when talking to him.

Landry wasn’t crazy about the idea of sitting on Santa’s lap so we moved on to opening gifts.

It was a great party and so nice to have family and friends there!

Landry’s 3rd Birthday

December 20, 2010

On Landry’s actual birthday I took cupcakes to Rethas for the kids and then Jared and I took her to Mr. Gattis for a fun night!  There is a reason we hadn’t been in there in 15-20 years.  lol.  She had a great time which is exactly what we wanted.

When you would ask her what she wanted for her birthday it was always a balloon, so of course we had to get a big princess one for her.

Yay for Gatti’s!!!!

She enjoyed the jungle gym more than the games

Jared showing her how to play….he really played the whole game because she wasn’t sure about hitting those crocs

It’s much easier when you crawl up and put the ball in herself instead of rolling it apparently

She did a great job racing her car considering she is 3.  Jared was shifting gears for her and she was taking down trees, rocks, going in water, but still got some points.  That a girl!

It was finally my time to get to play too.  Landry got on the jetski with me at first and then starting asking Jared to get her off.  He told me her head was hitting the handle bars when I was going back and forth and I didn’t even notice.  I was determined to make it to the finish line.  The last picture makes me laugh b/c you can tell by my face I was way into the game and not paying attention to Landry trying to get off.

Landry helping with the Christmas Tree

December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

December 18, 2010

Landry and Kim eating up all the olives

Kelley and Landry

If you thought Color Wonder Markers were cool check out the Color Wonder Paints.  Chad and Misty bought Landry the book and paints and I think she went through the whole book in a day and half.  She loved it!

I got several pictures of Chad and Misty over the week end

Our friend Cindy Gill let us borrow her “FURminator” to brush Jake with.  It’s kind of the miracle brush and I could spend hours getting his hair thinned out, but at least we got a good start on him.

Chad told us to be serious but I guess mom was the only one that listened

I have a turtle, dolphin, or baby in my tummy

December 17, 2010

When we talk about the baby in my tummy Landry always says that something is in her tummy.  It varies depending on her mood.  I think she is now catching onto the fact that it is a baby sister in mommy’s tummy.  Here are some pictures of her putting her babydoll under her shirt to show me she had a baby in her tummy too.

Then she told me baby comes out to slide

Happy Birthday Landry!

December 2, 2010

Today is out Big, little girl’s 3rd birthday!  I just can’t believe it!  Since I believe in celebrating for several days when it comes to birthdays we will be having Birthday fun today thru the week end! 

Hello World!

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

And many more to come……

Halloween Week Part 2

December 1, 2010

Tried to get these up before Thanksgiving but couldn’t get certain pictures to upload so finally the second part.

I had heard of a neat pumpkin patch outside of town and wanted to check it out this year.  We loaded up on Saturday morning to all enjoy the wonderful pumpkin patch Grape Creek Baptist Church put on.

Getting ready to go.  I love it when she will wear a hat.  Are we surprised her 2 hats are camo?

Sitting in Cinderella’s ride

Ashley and Mason came out too, so Landry and Mason took turns driving the jeep

The volunteers were so nice to take a few family pic of us.  We will definitely visit next year.

Finally Halloween is here and we can go trick or treating

Now which one should I eat???