The first part of Halloween Week

We had such a fun and busy Halloween week.  Our first party was at the San Angelo Association of Realtors.  Several of the adults were dressed up and had masks on.  Landry was not a fan at all.  She kept telling me, “lets go to the car”.  Once she realized their were real people under the masks she was ok.  I wasn’t sure how much fun we were going to have but by the end of the night she had a ghost as a bestfriend and couldn’t get enough of the man with a monkey mask.

Not real excited at this point

I was working a booth so figured I would throw on the ONLY Halloween costume that would still fit

Landry won The Funniest Costume and got a ribbon and stuffed dog.  She was telling me she was #1.  She was so excited and I was too!

The next evening we went to our Church’s Fall Festival.  The blow up slide was the big hit.  I had to carry Landry up at first and go down with her so she was ok with it.  The next day I was feeling it.  I remember that being so much easier….I  must be getting older.

Hilary and Annabelle….she was just precious as a Giraffe

Kim and Maci

Landry fishing for a prize

Not sure I could recommend this.  Marla, Landry and I, Hilary, and Kim and Maci all went down the slide together.  Needless to say the little girls were scared and all us big girls got some kind of injury I think.  I ended up with a slide burn on my elbow but it was fun!

The youth minister’s daughter, Brynlee was good all by herself, but Landry still wanted me to go with her and really who doesn’t like a giant slide


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