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Painting Fingernails & Toes

October 31, 2010

Oh how she loves to have her fingernails and toes painted.  I think it was Carley who introduced her to it and almost on a weekly basis she asks if we can paint new colors.  I let her have the clear fingernail polish to do some of it herself.  I even put water in a bottle so she wouldn’t make a mess and she still thought they made her toes look so pretty!

Now it was time to do mine

She really makes me laugh at some of her comments during the video.  🙂


She loves books

October 13, 2010

 I believe I said get 2 books out so we can read them before bed, but this is what I walked into.  She will tell me ” no have 5″.  Gotta love the fact that she loves to read.

Cooper Birthday Bash!

October 11, 2010

In the month of August we have lots of Cooper birthdays to celebrate.  George, Kelley, Kim, and Jennifer.  This year we were all able to get together at the lake for 24 hrs. and enjoy some time together.  We took our boat out with Landry and watched while Kelley and Carley tore up the water sking and tubing.

We had to go visit the sheep while we were there and here is the Big Man that gets to stay with all the ladies

Now back to the lake.  We parked the boats on a shore across the lake and tried to get Landry in the water.  She wasn’t too excited about going in with Jared or me.  She finally sat with Jennifer on some rocks and just had her feet really in the water, but she was telling me ” Mommy look I’m swimming”.  We’ll try again next year, but at least she is getting used to it.

This is what Landry called “swimming”

She preferred to sit in the tube while it was on the dock

Fun Dinner with Friends

October 8, 2010

Tyler, Landry, Grace, and Maci

Here we got Maci looking at the camera and all 3 girls waving at the camera for some reason

Kim got the water balloons out which were a big hit!  Kim’s so cool!

I think this was Landry’s first experience with water balloons and one was good enough for her

To top off the night their neighbor brought over popsicles.  What a fun night!