Our 24 hr. get away to Amistad

Jared and I were planning on staying at Lake Amistad for a couple days but after having what we thought was motor trouble we headed back after just 24 hrs.  Even though we were gone for just a little bit it was so wonderful!  For me not much beats hanging out on a boat especially when you aren’t surrounded by a lot of other boats.  I think we saw 2-3 boats the whole time and instead watched deer, turtles sun bathing, ducks, these small birds building mud nests on the rocks, and of course fish!!!!  It is always so peaceful and while Jared was fishing I got started on a new book and finished up several magazines.  I’m thankful my hubby likes to have me as his fishing buddy.  I love being there with him and enjoy the trips as much as he does.

First catch of the trip

And continued catching pretty good ones the next day

We saw lots of turtles enjoying the sun

No I didn’t catch this fish…..but I did a great job at holding it

The BIG catch of the trip…..we searched all over for the scale but Jared said it was 6-8 lbs. which to me I translate that to a newborn baby…..Nice!

Well not the best pic but hey I thought we were going to have a another day to work on one good shot of us


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