I’m Back!!! Onto Mother’s Day

I’m finally getting back to the blogging.  June was a fun and busy month and now I need to get caught up so I can blog about the fun we have been having.  Let’s get back on track which is Mother’s Day.  Yes we are still in May. 

This Mother’s Day I wanted to do a project that Landry could do.  We decided to make stepping stones.  Jared and I got the readymix and I bought some marbles for a decoration.  After going to Hobby Lobby I realized they do have stepping stones kits which might have been easier but we did it all from scratch. 

At this point we had to wait awhile for the cement to dry some.  We thought we had enough time to eat dinner and get back out there to put the handprints in, but when we got back out there it was already really dry so it was hard to get Landry’s handprints in there, but we still tried.

Landry just wanted to draw in the cement…of course she did she’s two…so at first she didn’t even want to put her hands in it and Jared had to put some on his nose to make her realize it was ok.  Then I had to show her over and over how I needed her to hold her hands in order to get the prints (she was trying to do a fist). 

At this point I’m trying to write in “Landry 2010” and Landry is wanting to play in the cement…naturally….I’m realizing this project is getting harder than I thought as I trying to get it done before the cement is too hard to do anything.

Yes I think this face was “No Landry that isn’t what is supposed to happen”.  I was starting to whine about how this project wasn’t going like it should and Jared asked me,” Is this your project or Landry’s?”…..It is mine and I want it to work like this!  🙂  Jared had to bring me back to reality that it didn’t matter I just needed to chill out.  So I did and we did the best we could with these.

Daddy my hands are dirty

We tried to make four and got one out of this batch that worked.

This one tured out really good!  We decided a few days later to try again to get a few more good ones and although this time there was more water in them we managed to get two more to give to Gran and Gigi.

We finally finished and out of about 8 we got 3 that worked and Gran, Gigi, and Mommy all has them in their flower beds.  This was such a fun project and I’ve learned that it won’t go like planned so you just have to enjoy the process!


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