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Swagger Wagon

June 1, 2010

Had to post the link to this youtube video.  This would be a great tv commercial.  Laura here is your new theme song for the mv.


Crayon Project

June 1, 2010

I read about this in a magazine and decided to give it a whirl!  Landry has broken almost all of her crayons so I went through them and pulled out the tiny ones to try on this project instead of throwing them away.  I melted the crayons over the stove and then poured the wax into old sandwich cutters my mom gave me.  After the wax dries you have a new crayon in a cool shape……well some shapes were interesting and now I know some colors don’t blend really well.

I used an old pan which I would recommend b/c the wax isn’t real easy to get off….probably easier if you clean it right after and before it dries.

Looks so pretty as they are melting.  Shouldn’t have used that one dark blue or purple color….it took over all the bright pretty colors.

Mom used these sandwich cutters when I was little.  Lots of fun shapes!  Just a bummer that the new crayon color turned out almost black…it’s more a gray brown.  So note to self use only light colors. 

My only comment is who came up with the shape on the bottom in the middle???  Didn’t notice it until I took a picture of them and thought well that is an interesting shape…………:)  Really fun idea.  I plan on doing it again.

Steve and Ricci’s Couple Shower

June 1, 2010

Our friends Steve and Ricci tied the knot on May 15th.  We were able to attend a wonderful reception for them and a few weeks before we helped host a shower for the two of them.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jones!!!!

Brandi, Shay, Jerrie and Kim….all dressed in black!

The Guys!  Jared had to go back to work by this time. 😦

All the hostess with Ricci