Wedding Showers For Emily

Since I’m behind on my posts I can already say Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lindley.  Kevin and Emily tied the knot May 22nd in Jamaica.  Emily had two showers in Midland and I was so excited to get to be there for both.  A few Midland friends hosted the evening shower for Kevin and Emily and we had a great time catching up and telling old stories.

Emily and I at the first shower

Shel joined in for this pic

Mom helped host this shower and Emily and Kevin made a haul

Now onto the evening couple shower.  Here is the couple of the date Kevin and Emily.

Of course there was group pictures.  Click the link below to get more pics from the evening

Emily got a great gag gift from John, Shep, Greg (who couldn’t be there) and I think Casey was in on it too.  She got a similar gift of just “random” stuff from the guys on her 16th birthday so they put together another ReallyRandom box for a wedding gift. 

It was wrapped in foil…..super classy

Shep even included a little league picture of himself and since Greg couldn’t be there he took pictures of things and put a booklet together for Emily that was in the box. 

Paul and Shel just had a baby girl back in March.  Margaret Ann was able to come to the party for a little bit.  She is beautiful…..but of course she is look at her parents.

Emily’s Groom, Kevin.


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