Our January Christmas Party

Ok forgot to post this earlier.  We started having a Chinese Christmas exchange in January instead of December because everyone is so busy then.  It is always lots of fun and I think this is the first year there were no kiddos.  I got the Sham Wow and I was really stoked about it!  They work soooo good!!!

The lovely Britney, Amy, and Shay

Mrs. Kim, Brandi, and Britney

Of course there has to be group pictures in the kitchen: So you know everyone top row is Britney, Shay, me, Ricci, Brandi Amy, and bottom row is Angela, Kim, and Jerri.

It was apparently just picture night for the girls.  Guys were in the garage playing cards but Jamey was nice enough to come take some more group pics for us before the night was over.

I thought this one was funny b/c it is very school like.  No hugging just sit there with hands in lap.

Ok this one is better…..we do love eachother

Now Jamey did any of us look ready…..probably his plan.

OK everyone Smile this is a close up!


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